Degenerative and Chronic Disorders

If are trying to care for a loved one suffering from a chronic disease or degenerative disorder such as Parkinson’s, ALS, lupus or other debilitating health conditions, we understand how stressful it can be making sure your loved one is taken care of properly. Caregivers with families and careers are especially prone to suffering caregiver burnout, a very real and serious compilation of symptoms affecting your physical and mental health.

A Few Types of Degenerative and Chronic Conditions:

  • Parkinson’s
  • ALS
  • Lupus
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Type II Diabetes

All Hands Home Care is here to help relieve caregiver stress by offering respite services when you want them. Our home care aides can provide the extra help needed when caring for someone with a chronic health condition so you can find time to take a deep breath, relax and pay attention to yourself for a change.

In addition to assisting someone with a chronic disease accomplish daily living tasks, our home care aides will run errands, do light housekeeping and provide companionship for you loved one while you take care of your own health and well-being.

People suffering a degenerative disease typically develop physical and mental problems that prevent them from taking proper care of themselves and their surroundings. To prevent loved ones with a chronic or degenerative disease from having to leave their homes, family members may become part-time caregivers, dividing their time between the loved one’s home and their own home.

Being a caregiver with other responsibilities is unbelievably stressful. All Hands Home Care understands what caregivers go through every day. We sincerely want to help relieve the burden and worry of caring for someone with a degenerative disorder by offering in home care services accommodating your schedule.

Our home care service providers are specially trained to attend to the needs of people who are unable to perform routine daily activities such as preparing meals, remembering to take medication, doing light housekeeping and addressing personal hygiene.

In addition to developing a personalized care plan for you and your loved one, we will also schedule an in home visit with a committed home care aide and maintain consistent, open communication lines with you about the physical and emotional needs of your loved one.

Our in home caregivers serve families in Central Pennsylvania, including the York, Camp Hill, Harrisburg and Lancaster areas. Contact us today to find out more about the advantages of using a dependable home care service provider like All Hands Home Care.