After Surgery Care

Patients discharged from hospitals after surgery and recovery are not always ready to take care of themselves properly. Critical to a successful recovery, the first 24 hours of a postoperative patient’s release from a hospital often requires special attention to sutures, surgical sites and bandages. Depending on the type of surgery, the person may not be able to walk without assistance or even sit up in bed. Receiving the highest-quality home care after any kind of surgery is vital to you or a loved one’s long-term health and well-being.

All Hands Home Care provides dependable postsurgery home care and will have a caring, committed home assistance aide waiting to provide care immediately after release from the hospital.

Postsurgery Home Care and Medications

Postsurgery patients must take multiple medications to prevent infection and control other health issues due to having surgery. When you are not feeling well or simply don’t want to move because it hurts, you may not take your medications as prescribed. Unfortunately, missing just one dose of prescribed medication or taking certain medications without food may cause serious or uncomfortable symptoms that require emergency-room care.

All Hands Home Care can help you recover at home if you have had:

Eye or Vision Procedures

Avoiding eyestrain is essential to healing properly after eye surgery. Let us prepare your meals, drive you to appointments and perform other types of assistance during your recovery.

Joint Replacement

If you need knee or hip replacement surgery, plan ahead for your extended recovery by having All Hands Home Care ensure you receive healthy meals and enjoy companionship while homebound.

Heart Surgery

Expect a recovery time of at least six to eight weeks if you undergo heart surgery. Let us take care of all your needs during this difficult time by helping with personal hygiene, preparing meals and making sure you are taking all medications as prescribed.

Dental or Oral surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery can leave you in pain and feeling worn-out for several days after surgery. All Hands Home Care aides can prepare special meals modified to address your oral needs, remind you to take medication and transport you to follow-up appointments.

Cosmetic Surgery

Some types of cosmetic surgeries require at least two or three days of rest. If you need additional help around the house following a cosmetic procedure, All Hands Home Care can help.

Get Home Help After Surgery by Calling Us Today

All Hands Home Care sincerely wants to help you or a loved one enjoy a healthy, successful postoperative recovery in the comfort of your own home. Our trained after-surgery care assistants will make sure you are following doctor’s orders, taking medications as prescribed, eating well and maintaining personal hygiene. We will also do light housekeeping when needed, pick up medications and provide companionship during your recovery.

When they need dependable, professional postoperative home care, Central Pennsylvania residents depend on All Hands Home Care to provide exceptional services consistently exceeding their expectations. If you or a loved one has an upcoming surgery scheduled, contact All Hands Home Care to learn more about the benefits of having after surgery home care.