Respite Care Services


Respite Services and Caregiver Support

When your family needs a break from the daily tasks associated with caring for a loved one, call All Hands Home Care. Our caregiver support services provide compassionate, trained assistance when personal or professional obligations require your attention — or when you simply need a rest. When it comes to excellent caregiver support provided by a Central Pennsylvania service, All Hands Home Care has the local professionals you can trust.

Our Services

At All Hands Home Care, we understand that finding the right home care service is essential for your loved one’s safety and your peace of mind. Our respite care professional will meet you and your loved one in their home, and get to know the client in his or her normal environment. We’ll take the time to learn your family routine, in addition to practical information such as the location of medicines. This helps your loved one adjust to the temporary change without being inconvenienced by transportation and strange environments.

All Hands Home Care can:

-Provide intermittent or regularly scheduled temporary non-medical care and/or supervision in your loved one’s home.

-Help your family member with a developmental disability stay at home while receiving the appropriate care. With the right respite care and supervision, All Hands Home Care can protect your loved one’s safety.

-Relieve stress by temporarily taking over the functions of the normal caregiver, providing everyone in the family with a much-needed break.

Our Caregivers

All Hands Home Care only works with in home professionals who pass criminal background and childline verification checks. Each of our respite care professionals are highly trained professionals, providing you with additional peace of mind.

All Hands Home Care – Your Respite Care Provider

All Hands Home Care wants to be the service your family turns to when you need compassionate, qualified and professional respite care. With excellent service and a commitment to integrity, All Hands Home Care is ready to serve your family’s needs.

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