In-Home Care Financial Impact


Initially, the cost of in-home care may seem greater than it actually is. Once family caregivers honestly consider the great value of time and financial sacrifices that are made to care for their loved one, they will make sense of the cost and its value. Once you have been a family caregiver, you will understand this great responsibility requires an enormous amount of time and attention, which your loved one definitely deserves. Caregiving often requires a lot of multi-tasking skills as well. You will need to be prepared to make and receive phone calls, arrange transportation, attend medical appointments, grocery shopping, pay bills, housekeeping and many other errands and tasks, all while maintaining your own home, job, and family.

Family caregivers have often needed to reduce their hours at work to provide the adequate care their loved ones need. This has caused family members to lose promotions, income, and seniority which can cause a huge impact on their financial status both short-term and long-term. After evaluating all these losses, you may want to take another look at the quotes you were given to have a professional caregiver come into the home to provide the care for your loved one. Keeping this in mind, the overall cost of having a caregiver performing all the task would be considered affordable and beneficial. Right?

Working with a reputable agency to provide in-home care, you are in charge of the quality care that is given to your loved one. The only thing you won’t have is all the responsibilities.