Types of Care

Providing caregiving services for Central Pennsylvania residents who require assistance with personal hygiene, dietary needs and physical activity requirements, All Hands Home Care offers the kind of compassionate, dependable and respectful home caregiver services your loved one needs to maintain quality of life.

Full-time caregivers are vulnerable to suffering stress-related health issues ranging from depression to hypertension. We understand how important respite care is for the physical and emotional health of full-time caregivers, and are happy to provide in home care services for residents of Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg and surrounding areas in Central Pennsylvania.

Elder/Senior Care

If you or an elderly loved one is having trouble living independently, our senior home caregiver services can provide help with completing daily activities that are difficult to accomplish.

Dementia Care

All Hands Home Care engages in interactive caregiving that nurtures an empathetic, one-on-one relationship between people with dementia and their caregivers. We provide assistance with grooming, bathing, cooking and all other household chores essential to the well-being of clients with dementia.

Degenerative and Chronic Condition Care

Many of our clients have chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes or kidney disease that make it difficult for them to perform daily living activities. Our home caregivers provide assistance for chronic condition clients with fixing meals, routine chores, personal hygiene and numerous other tasks.

Our caregiver services provide daily support for clients suffering from degenerative and chronic conditions that maximize their physical and emotional well-being.

After-Surgery Care

Post-operative recovery can be lengthy and difficult. Home caregiver services provided by All Hands Home Care can help relieve the inconvenience and isolation of surgical recovery.

Care for All Ages

We also offer home caregiver services for young children, teenagers and adults of all ages who may be recuperating from a lengthy illness or need some assistance at home when family caregivers are working.

For a free in home care consultation or to learn more about our different types of home care services contact us today!