Cost Planning


Planning Ahead For Your Future In-Home Care

How do you plan to pay for long-term care?

Long-term care for seniors, chronically ill and terminally ill clients vary in cost, as well as the types of care plans and degree of care you or your loved one may require in the future to stay in the comfort of your own home.

We have reviewed some of the common funding options and resources for clients of all ages and circumstances. In-home care can vary from a few hours a week to assist with activities of daily living, cooking, shopping, companionship, etc., to full-time hours or live-in care for more complex situations.

Those that have not done extensive research typically assume that Medicare is the solution for assisting with long-term care. In reality, Medicare covers a narrow range of cost. It’s extremely important for each of us to understand the facts, benefits, and limits of Medicare prior to needing them.

With rates varying, has estimated that nursing home care is costing over $6000.00 per month on average. In-home care is usually much less expensive, but again, those cost may vary depending on your location, level of care and hours of service needed per week.

The options to pay for in-home care including Medicare, Medicaid (if qualified), long-term care insurance coverage, Veteran’s Administration benefits, critical illness insurance and private pay (from your personal savings or assets).